June 2022

We are delighted that we have been selected for a second year of funding support from the Arthritis National Research Foundation! Jonathan is honored to have been announced the Judy E. Green Valiant Women Grant recipient. Thank you for your support!

We welcome Leo and Dylan for summer stints in the lab – we hope you enjoy your time with us!

April 2022

We congratulate Hannah Brien on her selection as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Congratulations, Hannah!

March 2022

The lab welcomes Research Associate Professor Shuqun Shi to our team! Welcome Dr. Shi!

January 2022

The lab welcomes our first postdoc – Dr. Jhanvi Sharma. Welcome Dr. Sharma!

November 2021

One of our collaborations with the Lippmann Lab garnered support from the Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer’s Center (VMAC) Pilot and Feasibility Funding Program! Thank you, VMAC, for the lengthening our runway on projects for treating and understanding Alzheimer’s disease!

August 2021

The lab welcomes our two new graduate students, Maddie and Hannah! We’re excited you’re joining us!

Congrats to Joanne for her abstract being accepted as a podium presentation at BMES!

May 2021

We bid adieu to our first cohort of undergraduates. Congratulations, Zach and Perry. Good luck to you both!

Meanwhile – Welcome Linxuan and Victoria!

April 2021

-We are thrilled to have been notified that the Arthritis National Research Foundation has selected our proposal for funding. We are grateful for support from ANRF!

-The Brunger Lab is excited to welcome Hannah Brien and Maddie Spetz as incoming graduate students in Fall 2021. We look forward to your arrival to Nashville!

March 2021

Congratulations to Bonnie on receiving the NSF GRF Award!

February 2021

Great to attend the virtual Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, which had fantastic scientific and career development sessions! Especially fun to attend after the lab received exciting feedback on recent grant proposals supporting our work in this area!

December 2020

What a year! We are grateful to everyone that helped us make it through – collaborators, mentors and friends. In particular, Jonathan thanks Bonnie, Catherine, Joanne, Zach and Perry for the big efforts taken to launch the lab despite the monolithic obstacles we all faced! Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

October 2020

We are stoked that two collaborative projects with the Duvall Lab received fundable scores from federal agencies! It’s a good month when results like this come through! Looking forward to keeping this momentum going and continuing to synergize with the Duvall Lab.

September 2020

The lab received notice of funding – thank you NSF! We are recruiting new personnel to join our team to support the newly funded and additional projects. Interested applicants for graduate school or postdoctoral positions are encouraged to reach out to Jonathan (!

May 2020

After more than 2 months of remote working, we are cautiously moving back into the lab for experiments. Thanks to those in VU and in VUSE that worked hard to get us back to work in responsible conditions!

April 2020

Congratulations to Joanne for being awarded a 2020 NSF fellowship!

March 2020

Regretfully, shutting down the lab due to COVID-19. Our thoughts are with everyone navigating through this time. Stay strong, be safe, ask for help!

February 2020

Jonathan presents some of our research at ORS in Phoenix, AZ

Our BSCs arrive! The lab is now built out and equipped!

January 2020

The lab welcomes a VU BME undergraduate Zach Eidman. We look forward to working with you, Zach!

Excited to be back for our second semester. Jonathan’s offering his elective, Synthetic Biology and Cell Design, for his first take at teaching a course. Good luck!

October 2019

Jonathan presents our work at BMES!

August 2019

The Brunger Lab launches! Bonnie, Catherine, and Joanne have embarked on this exciting journey, and Jonathan could not be more thrilled to work with this team of incredible students! Excited to teach, learn, and collaborate!

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