Welcome to the Brunger Lab at Vanderbilt University

Exciting news – we are recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows! Applicants interested in synthetic biology, bioengineering, regenerative medicine, and stem cell-based models of disease should reach out to Jonathan (jonathan.m.brunger@vanderbilt.edu). We are also looking for computational biologists interested in a funded collaborative project with the Lab of Ken Lau and the Lippmann Lab at Vanderbilt.

Our work combines principles from synthetic biology, gene editing and regenerative engineering to design cells as reliable therapeutic agents and automate organoid production. Our aims are to systematically perturb and synthetically reconstitute cellular signaling pathways to understand diseases and develop living therapies to overcome tissue deterioration.

We are excited to have launched in Fall 2019. Please check out our team members, our exciting news, and more as we continue to build out our vision!

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